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    Geochemical and isotope characteristics of representative carbonates in young alkaline volcanites from northern Bohemia
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    Jaromír Ulrych, Edvín Pivec, Pavel Povondra, Jiří Bendl
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    Geochemická a izotopická charakteristika vybraných karbonátů v mladých alkalických vulkanitech ze severních Čech
    Bendl, Jiří
    Pivec, Edvín
    Povondra, Pavel, 1924-
    Ulrych, Jaromír
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    Journal of the Czech Geological Society
    Vol. 42, no. 1-2
    p. 26-32
    1 obr., 5 diagr., 1 tab., 2 s.bibl.
    České resumé
    Zkr. název ser.: J. Czech geol. Soc.
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    alkalický typ
    chemismus hornin
    hydrotermální alterace
    izotopy C
    izotopy O
    izotopy Sr
    vulkanity Českého středohoří
    vzácné zeminy
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    Roztoky (Ústí nad Labem)
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   Carbonates of young alkaline volcanics from northern Bohemia have carbon of primary magmatic character with a shift to light isotopes in association with fractionation processes. The oxygen isotopes show equilibration with meteoric-hydrothermal water at low temperatures.
   Representative samples reveal the following characteristics: dolomites associated with melilititic lamprophyres; polzenites of the Osečná Complex are characterized by high REE, high La/Yb ratio, and 13C values in the primary magmatic range (carbonate affinity), but with 18O values and 87Sr/86 ratios corresponding to lower-temperature processes and some crustal contamination; calcites in phlogopitite, originated as alteration product of olivine melilitolite of the Osečná complex by late-magmatic fluids, are characterized by very low REE, low La/Yb ratio, low 13 C values and by 87Sr/86Sr ratio corresponding to the parental rock; high 18O values indicate lower-temperature origin; calcites from the contact zone of polzenite dyke with sandstones of the Czech Cretaceous Basin, with geochemical characteristics typical for sedimentary origin, are characterized by low REE, low La/Yb ratio and very high 13C, 18O values, and 87/Sr/86Sr ratios; rhodochrosite-dolomite-calcite series of post-m
   matic hydrothermal origin, associated with base metal ore vein in the Roztoky Volcanic Centre of the České středohoří Mts., is characterized by moderate REE contents and Yb/La ratios, high Sr and Ba contents and by 87Sr/86 ratio reflecting some crustal contamination; 13C values indicate probably minor admixture of sedimentary C in carbon of deep-seated origin, while the O isotope data point to participation of a low 18 fluid of meteoric derivation
    Česká geologická služba
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    21. 2. 2008
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