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    Geochemie und Verteilung der Quellgase und tektonische Struktur des Eger-Rifts in der Oberpfalz und in Oberfranken, Bayern
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    Falk H. Weinlich, Karin Bräuer, Horst Kämpf, Gerhard Strauch, Jiří Tesař, Stephan M. Weise
    Bräuer, Karin
    Kämpf, Horst
    Strauch, Gerhard
    Tesař, Jiří
    Weinlich, Falk H.
    Weise, Stephan M.
Source title - serial
    Zeitschrift der Deutschen geologischen Gesellschaft
    Jg. 154, Nr. 1
    8 obr., 1 tab., 3 s. bibl.
    Anglické, české resumé
    Zkr. název ser.: Z. Dtsch. geol. Gesell.
Subject group
    chemismus plynů
    fáze plynná
    frakcionace chemická
    izotopy C
    izotopy He
    izotopy stabilní
    kontrola tektonická
    oxid uhličitý
    pramen minerální
    původ plášťový
    terciér Českého masivu
    voda minerální
    zóna riftová
Geographical name
    Františkovy Lázně (Cheb)
    Hohenberg a.d. Eger (SRN-Bayern)
    Karlovy Vary
    Konstantinovy Lázně (Tachov)
    Mariánské Lázně (Cheb)
    Neualbenreuth (SRN-Bayern)
Abstract (in english)
   The studied area of the Oberpfalz and Oberfranken with its Tertiary Basins, basaltic volcanites and mineral springs is general considered as Bavarian part of the Eger-(Ohře-)Rift. The gas composition of the gas phase of these mineral springs was analysed, as well as the delta13C and 3He/4He isotope composition. Additionally, the gas flux and water discharge were measured in order to calculate isotope mass balances. As expected, the geochemical characterisation of these gases is identical with those on the Czech part of the Eger Rift: in the Oberpfalz and Oberfranken there also occur nearly pure CO2 gases with high proportions of mantle-derived helium up to R/Ra values of 3.5 and delta13C values of -3.3 per mille. The distribution pattern of gas flux and gas composition, i.e. the pattern of the migration paths of the magmatic gases reflects the tectonic structure, i.e. the course of the Eger Rift main faults.
   Consequently it is possible to trace the extension of the Erzgebirge main fault with the line of Bavarian mineral springs of Hohenberg, Kothigenbibersbach and Bad Alexandersbad. Likewise, the extension of the Litoměřice deep fault can be seen in the migration path of the springs of Kondrau and Wiesau. Moreover, the narrowing of the Eger Rift by younger NNW-striking faults to the west already observable on the Czech side continues in Bavaria
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    25. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012