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    Granitoid magmatism of the NW Bohemian massif revealed : Gravity data, composition, age relations and phase concept
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    W. Siebel, R. Trzebski, G. Stettner, L. Hecht, U. Casten, A. Höhndorf, P. Müller
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    The German deep drilling project, KTB (Variant.)
    Casten, U.
    Hecht, Lutz
    Höhndorf, A.
    Müller, P.
    Siebel, Wolfgang
    Stettner, G.
    Trzebski, R.
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    Geologische Rundschau
    Vol. 86, no. Suppl.
    p. 45-63
    11 obr., 5 tab., 3 s.bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Geol. Rdsch.
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    chemismus hornin
    datování K/Ar
    datování Rb/Sr
    moldanubický pluton
    pole gravitační
    prvky stopové
    smrčinský pluton
Geographical name
    Bor (Tachov)
    Rozvadov (Tachov)
Abstract (in english)
   The Late Variscan granitoids of the NW Bohemian Massif (northeast Bavaria, west Bohemian) constitute four partly contiguous granitoid complexes: Fichtelgebirge, northern Oberpfalz, Waidhaus-Rozvadov and Bor, incorporating more than 20 intrusive units. Based on gravity data, the granites can be modeled as steeply inclined slab- and wedge-like bodies with thickness between 2 and 8 km. A rough estimate of the total volume of the granites is approximately 18 000 km3. Within the four areas named above, composition ranges from less evolved dioritic rocks, known as the redwitzite suite, to highly evolved granites. Their isotopic ages, initial Sr ratios and Nd(T) values are discussed and their origin interpreted. The age and isotope data discussed herein suggest episodic rather than continuous magmatic activity.
   From a combination of field and analytical data, a three-stage cycle of granitoid intrusion is proposed: (a) a first phase (cca 350-325 Ma) of two contrasting magma types coexisting in a close spatial context, the redwitzites (phase Ia) and the older granites (phase Ib), (b) a second phase with emplacement ages of 315-310 Ma comprising all younger granites of the northern Oberpfalz and the Waidhaus-Rozvadov complex and (c) a third phase with emplacement ages of 305-295 Ma restricted to the Fichtelgebirge
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    3. 7. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012