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    Granitologie - věda o granitech na konci druhého tisíciletí (Ke druhému vydání Pitcherova díla o granitu 1997 a ke Clarkovu hodnocení granitového paradigmatu 1996)
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    Marie Palivcová, Jarmila Waldhausrová, Vlasta Ledvinková
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    Granitology - the granite science at the end of the second millenium
    Ledvinková, Vlasta
    Palivcová, Marie
    Waldhausrová, Jarmila
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    Mineralia Slovaca
    Roč. 33, č. 4
    s. 389-402
    1 obr., 2 fot., 31 bibl.
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    k práci patří Poznámka oponenta (I. petrík) na s.402
    Zkr. název ser.: Miner. slov.
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    historie geologie
    studie rešeršní
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   In the first part of this paper we present information about the second edition of pircher's book about granite origin, and its significance to geological science. the second edition has been enriched by some ne aspets in all main chapter, mainly influenced by Hutton's Symposia. In spite of our different approach to the grabite problem we highly appreciate this work. The new edition reinforces the ideas of the original which is now an essential work in the cannon of geological institutions and specialists. The favorable revie of the first edition by Brown (1994, p. 1175) in terms of it being "a milestone" in the granite science has been fully justified. Pitcher's work represents the best of what was written at the end of the century concerning widely accepted magmatic hypothesis of the granite origin. Once more, we would like to highlight the highly objective but selfquestioning approach of the author to controversial questions.
   Pitcher makes a strong attempt to solve the crucial longstanding question of all magmatic models, i.e. emplacement (or bettr the "trinity" of segregation - ascent - emplacement according to Petford, 1995) of orogenic granites in contractional conditions (i.e. "space denying" situation in the sense of Hutton, 1996, p.118)
    Česká geologická služba
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    1. 10. 2007
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