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    HIBSCH 2002 Symposium, Teplá near Třebenice, Ústí nad Labem, Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic, June 3-8, 2002 (Variant.)
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    Age Relations and Geochemical Constraints of Cenozoic Alkaline Volcanic Series in W Bohemia: A Review
    Albin Benedikt Castelli: froman Exilian Descendantto a Renowned Mining Administrator of Coal Mines in his Homeland
    Bibliography of Hibschite, a Hydrogarnet of Grossular Type
    The Bohemian Massif as a Catchment Area for the NW European Tertiary Basin
    Dyke Swarm Pattern and Tectonics in the České Středohoří Mts. Volcanic Centre, Ohře (Eger) Rift, Central Europe (Starting Points for Further Research)
    Felix Cornu (1882-1909): Staggering Career of a Mineralogist, the Founder of Colloidal Chemistry in Geology
    Gas Flux and Tectonic Structure in the Western Eger Rift, Karlovy Vary - Oberpfalz and Oberfranken, Bavaria
    Mineral Chemistry and Petrogenesis of Ultramafic Alkaline Lamprophyre Dyke from the Klunst Quarry in Ebersbach (Lusatia, Germany)
    North Bohemian Porcellanites and their Mineral Composition: the Case of the Dobrčice Quarry, the Most Basin
    Principal Directions and Asymmetrical Zoning of Cenozoic Volcanics in the Lužické hory Mts. and the Adjacent Area, N Bohemia
    Prof. Dr. Josef Emanuel Hibsch the Son of the České Středohoří Mts. and a Leading European Geologist of his Time
    Reconstruction of Vegetation and Landscape Development during Volcanic Activity in the České Středohoří Mountains
    Sr Isotopic Composition of Mantle Peridotite Xenoliths from the Erzgebirge: Evidence for Ancient Mantle Metasomatism?
    A Study of the Dětaň Locality (Oligocene, Doupovské Hory Mts. Volcanic Complex, Czech Republic): Collection of Field Data and Starting Points for Interpretation
    Vinařická hora Hill Cenozoic Composite Volcano, Central Bohemia: Geochemical Constraints
    Volcanosedimentary Complex of the České Středohoří and Doupovské Hory Mts. in Palynological Record
    The Work of Josef Emanuel Hibsch : complete bibliography
    Zircon Typological Investigations from the Seufzergründel Placer Near Hermsdorf in the Saxon Switzerland, Eastern Germany