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    HP/UHP rocks in the Kutná Hora Complex and adjacent Monotonous Unit
    Dolejš, David
    Faryad, Shah
    Machek, Matěj
    Nahodilová, Radmila
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    článek v periodiku
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    Roč. 23, č. 23
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    HP/UHP rocks, Kutná Hora Complex, Monotonous Unit
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   High-grade metamorphic rocks of Kutná Hora Complex (KHC) structurally overlie a medium-grade, paragneiss sequence of the surrounding Monotonous unit. The KHC consists of two superposed tectonic units: at the top are granulites, granulite gneisses and migmatites with mafic and ultramafic rocks and skarns, below are micaschists with lenses of amphibolites. The largest granulite body (the Běstvina granulite) consists mainly of retrogressed felsic granulites, biotite gneisses, migmatites, and several small, isolated bodies of peridotite and eclogite. The ultramafic rocks show a deformational fabric concordant with relic S1 granulite fabric. It is the youngest fabric in the mantle rocks because it cross-cuts or reworks other observed fabrics. The peridotite fabric is recorded by the LPO of olivine, which defined an E-W trending and steeply dipping foliation and their discordancy to the S1 foliation in granulites with clinopyroxenites. Thus these structures might be interpreted as the origin
   al mantle fabric S0. The LPOs of clinopyroxene and quartz measured in clinopyroxenites and coarse-grained granulites, respectively define a subvertical foliation S1 and stretching lineation L1.The peridotite LPO data indicate that an olivine fabric closely concordant to S0 in the peridotite, as well as a NE-SW striking, sub-vertical fabric that corresponds to the S1 foliation. This indicates a reworking of the S0 fabric, producing(?) a sub-vertical stretching lineation in response to an oblate strain pattern during development of the S1 fabric. The surrounding paragneisse of Monotonous Unit encloses several bodies of HP/UHP rocks and exhibits a penetrative fabric defined by a medium grade foliation dipping to the NE, which is concordant to the S2 fabric observed in the Běstvina formation. This indicates that HP/UHP rocks in Monotonous Unit may extruded along the shear zone between the Monotonous and Běstvina units.
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    15. 10. 2014