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    Hartite from Bílina
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    Vladimír Bouška, Ivana Císařová, Roman Skála, Zdeněk Dvořák, Jaroslav Zelinka, Karel Žák
    Bouška, Vladimír
    Císařová, Ivana
    Dvořák, Zdeněk
    Skála, Roman
    Zelinka, Jaroslav
    Žák, Karel, 1957-
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    American mineralogist
    Vol. 83, no. 11-12
    p. 1340-1346
    4 obr., 4 tab., 2 s.bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Amer. Mineralogist
Subject group
    chromatografie plynová
    izotopy C
    krystalová struktura
    molekulární stavba
    severočeská pánev
    spektrometrie hmotnostní
    uhelná sloj
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    Bílina (Teplice)
Abstract (in english)
   In the Bílina Mine (Czech Republic), a very chemically pure material corresponding to hartite was found as a product of distillation into the pelosiderite nodule during coalification of a lignite seam in the Miocene or later. The amount of the material available allowed characterizing this natural mineral equivalent of the hydrocarbon (+)-phyllocladane [16 (H)-phyllocladane] thoroughly. Elementary analysis of hartite from Bílina gave C = 87.45 wt.% and H = 12.55 wt.%, which corresponds to the formula C20H34. The IR spectrum demonstrated the presence of gem-dimethyl groups (doublet s Ch3 at 1369 and 1393 cm-1). Other bands indicated the presence of methyl and methylene groups. NMR studies showed that the hydrocarbon (hartite) molecule contains four CH3 groups, nine CH2 groups, four CH groups, and three quaternary carbon atoms. The sample exhibit as well-defined melting point between 71 and 71.5 C. Measurements of optical rotation gave [?]D = +24.2 (CHCl3, c = 0.7).
   Lattice parameters from single-crystal study measured at 293(2) K were a = 11.407 (1), b = 20.952 (2), c = 7.4060 (8) A, = 93.941 (9), ß = 100.750 (8), and = 80.499 (9). The crystal system is triclinic with space group Pl, Z = 4, V = 1713.8 (3) A3. Densities are Dm = 1.04 g/cm3 and Dx = 1.064 g/cm3, respectively. Isotopic composition of C in hartite from Bílina gave 13C(PDB)= 24.4(1) %., a common value for coal and organic sedimentary material derived from higher plants
    Česká geologická služba
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    28. 3. 2008
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