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    Historie berounského muzea s přihlédnutím ke geologickým sbírkám
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    Irena Jančaříková
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    History of the Beroun Museum and its Geological Collections
    Jančaříková, Irena
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    Český kras
    Roč. 24
    s. 5-16
    2 obr., 13 bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Čes. Kras
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    geologie regionální
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    Hořovice (Beroun, Hořovice)
    Žebrák (Beroun, Hořovice)
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   The Museum was founded close to the end of the 19th Century. In 1888, antique files were compiled by a special committee and the Museum Association was established. The main part of the collection was aquired during the preparation of the Ethnography exhibition 1895 in Prague. A lot of organisation changes have occurred, including the moving of the whole museum. In 1965, the first floor of the House of Jenštejns in the Hus's square was emptied and the Museum moved to its present site. The first permanent exhibition in the House of Jenštejns was opened to the public in 1968. Nowadays, there are eight permanent exhibitions: the Memorable places of the Beroun region expressed in dravings of Karel Liebscher, the Memorial Hall of Jan Preisler, the Memorial Hall of Václav Talich.
   From the history of handicraft in Beroun, The Bohemian Karst - settlement with human race, caves and cave explorers in the Bohemian Karst, the geological and palaeontological exhibition of the Barrandian, and the Live Nature of the Bohemian Karst. Visitors can watch short term exhibition too, which generally relate to the local area in addition to the permanent ones at the House of Jenštejns every year. The Museum of the Bohemian Karst has two branches, in the towns of Hořovice and Žebrák
    Česká geologická služba
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    16. 1. 2009
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    8. 8. 2012