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    Identification of Phase Composition of Binders from Alkali-Activated Mixtures of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Fly Ash
    Drongová, L.
    Kukutschová, J.
    Matějka, V.
    Tomková, V.
    Topinková, M.
    Vavro, Martin
    Vlček, J.
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    článek v odborném periodiku
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    Ceramics - Silikáty
    Roč. 58, č. 1
    s. 79-88
    Autoři celkem: 7
    Rozsah: 10 s. : E
Subject category
    alkali activation
    hydration products
Abstract (in english)
   The prepared alkali-activated binders (AAB) and composites using suitable latent hydraulic raw materials represent an alternative to materials based on Portland cements. This paper deals with ways how to influence the functional parameters of AAB by setting up mixtures of granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS) and fly ash with selected chemical compositions. In this way the course of hydration process is modified and the phase composition of products of alkali activation is changed as well as their final properties. The amorphous character of the hydration products makes evaluation of the phase composition of hardened AAB difficult and significantly limits the number of experimental techniques suitable to characterise their phase composition. It was observed that measuring the pH of water extracts obtained from the alkali-activated mixtures can give supplementary information about the process of hardening of alkali-activated mixtures of GBFS and fly ash.
    AV ČR Brno, Ústav geoniky
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    AV ČR, ÚG
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    24. 10. 2014