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    Indexové parametry jílové hmoty
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    Ludvík Čichovský
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    Index parameters of clay matter
    Čichovský, Ludvík
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    Horniny ve vědách o Zemi
    s. 167-182
    8 obr., 2 tab., 2 s.bibl.
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    krystalová struktura
    minerály jílové
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   The clay substance formed by clay minerals in particle sizes less than 2 um reflects in its crystal structure and the occurrence of various mineral types the conditions of sedimentation and the changes undergone in the consecutive evolution of the sedimentary basin. This is caused mainly by the narrow stability field of single clay minerals in dependence on log a SiO2, log (aK+aH+) and pH and Eh of the environment. The ability to reflect the geochemical and thermodynamical changes in the clay minerals structure has led to significant out the called index parameters of clay substance. Čichovský (1988a) suggested that the index parameters must fulfill the following conditions: 1. a fast and easy identification, 2. conclusiveness, 3. the knowledge of changes that cause the shift in the values of the parameters as a result of weathering processes, diagenesis, alteration, low grade of metamorphism and other processes in the sediment.
   Index parameters of clay minerals can be used in all types of sedimentary, volcanoclastic and low grande metamorphic rocks where the clay minerals contents are higher than 2-3
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    25. 3. 2008
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