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    Influence of the climatic factors on radon activity concentration in the rocks of the city Brno area - testing
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    Jiří Janský
    Janský, Jiří
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    Radon investigations in the Czech Republic IX and the sixth international workshop on the Geological Aspects of Radon Risk Mapping
    s. 107-113
    2 tab., 19 bibl.
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    brněnský masiv
    geologie environmentální
    klimatický efekt
    kvartér extraglaciálních oblastí Českého masivu
    mapa radiometrická
    rizika geologická
    riziko radonové
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   Radon risk mapping data from the city Brno were collected from databases of six private companies from the time interval of 1992 to 1999. There as an information about radon activity concentration from 685 measured sites. Values of the third quartile of radon activity concentration from statistical sets of each site from chosen parts were tested for influence of the climatic factors, as the precipitation amount daily (sum of two days before the date of measurement, sum of to dayes plus the day of measurement and only the day of measurement), daily mean of air pressure, daily mean of air temperature, daily mean of air relative humidity and daily mean of wind speed (all these factors in the day before the day of measurement and in the day of measurement). The climatic data were yielded by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, from the station Brno, Tuřany. There ere differences among companies in radon activity concentration values (verified by Mann - Whitney test).
   Then following statistical process was done for each of the companies, if it was possible. Sperman correlation coefficient was calculated for five chosen rocks (with more than 30 measured sites), dumps, fluvial sandy loam, loess and loess loam, calcareous clay and granodiorite, type Královo pole, for the parts near tectonics or contacts and without tectonics or contacts
    Česká geologická služba
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    3. 10. 2007
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