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    International Union for Quaternary Research - XIV International Congress. Abstracts (Variant.)
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    Aminostratigraphy of loess across Middle Europe
    Correlation of Quaternary deposits basins of the Middle Dnieper area and the Middle Danube area (by the data of fauna mollusks)
    Correlation of the Quaternary pedostratigraphy from western to eastern Europe
    Flood plain environment and archaeology of the Elbe (Labe) river (Central Bohemia), Czech Republic
    Late Cenozoic sequences of mammalian assemblages of the northern hemisphere: an updated correlation
    Late-Quaternary loess-palaeosol record from the Northern Minusinsk Basin, southern Krasnojarsk region, Siberia
    Loess in the Czech Republic: magnetic properties and palaeoclimate
    Luminescence dating of Upper Pleistocene loess from Bohemia and Moravia
    Magnetic susceptibility and remanence record of the Kurtak loess, southern Siberia, Russia
    A Middle Pleistocene palaeolithic site at Usť-Izhul', Northern Minusinsk Basin, southern Siberia
    Mineral magnetic study of windblown sediments deposited in the entrance of Kůlna Cave, Czech Republic
    Oldest loess accumulations of the south Moravia
    Paleo-American (Pre-Clovis) evidence from SW Alberta, Canada
    Pleistocene reptile fauna in the area of the Czech Republic and relations to some other European localities
    The Plio/Pleistocene boundary in the continental sediments of the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
    Rock magnetic proxies of climate change from loess-paleosol sediments in the Czech Republic
    Shape of fluvial pebbles in surface and subsurface stream from Moravian Karst, Czech Republic