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    Karpat - stupeň regionální stratigrafické škály Centrální Paratethydy a jeho problematika
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    Rostislav Brzobohatý
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    13th Conference on Upper Tertiary, April 19-20, 2001 Proceedings (Variant.)
    Karpatian (Miocene) - regional stratigraphic stage of the Central Paratethys and its questions
    Brzobohatý, Rostislav, 1938-
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    geologie regionální
    karpatská neogenní předhlubeň
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   The definition of the Karpatian as a regional stratigraphic stage of the Central Paratethys was published by Cicha, Seneš and Tejkal (1967) on the basis of the so called ,,open chronostrati-graphic scale". In this concept the Karpatian was originally conceived as a time unit - an abstract term (age). Its content was defined as a ,,Serie" or ,,Schichtengruppe" - i. e. the sequence of sediments with the holostratotype and faciostratotypes but without boundary stratotypes. Present day stratigraphy understands a stage as a tangible chronostratigraphic unit, that means body of rocks formed during a certain interval of time and defined by its boundary stratotypes.
   A revision of the Karpatian concept can be carried out by two steps:o Summary of all new data about sediments included in the original content (systematic revisions and supplements of the paleobiologic content, sequence stratigraphy, magnetostrati-graphy, isotope stratigraphy, formal lithostratigraphy of the stratotype region etc.). It is supported by the GACR Project Nr. 205/01/0085 ,,Reedition of the Karpatian stratotype" (2001-2003).o Elaboration of a following project dealing with boundary stratotypes of the Karpatian. A wide cooperation in all Central Paratethys countries is supposed.
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