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    Koněpruský vápenec na Zemské výstavě v Praze v roce 1891
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    Václav Cílek
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    Koněprusy limestone at Jubilee Industrial Exhibition in 1891 in Praha
    Zlatý kůň (Variant.)
    Cílek, Václav, jr.
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    Knihovna České speleologické společnosti
    Roč. 36
    s. 95-97
    Anglické resumé
    Obsahuje bibliografické odkazy
    Zkr. název ser.: Knih. Čes. speleol. Společ.
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    báňská historie
    suroviny cementářské
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    Koněprusy (Beroun)
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   The organisation of the Jubilee Industrial Exhibition in Prague 1891 followed the pattern of other European industrial exhibitions - to display all kinds of industrial activities and products, to make them public and to find the place among growing competition. The Czech exhibitions of the end of last century shared at the same time other motives - to defeat German bourgoausue and to display the enormous linguistic, cultural and industrial development of the Czech nation since last great industrial exhibition in 1791. Two pavillons build from concrete appeared at the exhibition together with plentiful lime and cement products - pavement, tiles, reservoirs, table desks and many other. The cement which was relatively recently imported from England and germany quickly found its was after 1890 to other countries of the Monarchy.
   The reprinted report summarises the annual production of 2 millions q of lime, 360 000 q of cement raw material and 4 millions q of limestone mostly for sugar factories and ironworks. Especially the Paleozoic limestone from Prague and Bohemian Karst quarries provided excellent raw material not only for lime production but for glass industry and fertilisers production as well
    Česká geologická služba
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    6. 3. 2008
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