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    Kritické body problematiky geneze tektitů
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    Lubomír Kopecký
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    Critical points of the problems of tektite genesis
    Sborník referátů 7.konference o vltavínech - Znojmo 1996 (Variant.)
    Kopecký, Lubomír
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    Přírodovědný sborník Západomoravského muzea v Třebíči
    Roč. 31
    s. 67-94
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    kryptogenní jevy
    metamorfóza šoková
    struktura vulkano-tektonická
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    Amerika severní
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   In the present paper critical points to the tektite genesis are such published proved data on tektites and their parent craters which are incompatible with the boradly accepted impact hypothesis. Insufficiencies of this hypotheis are thus also revealed. In the same time it is shown that such hypothesis is needed which is able to accept the above mentioned critical data. During the recent decades, the genesis of tektites was studied mostly by geochemical and mineralogical methods of tektite glasses and parent "crater" glasses, the conclusions of which support the impact hypothesis. Neglected is not only the new geological study of tektite perntal structures and of astroproblems in general but also such earlier published geological data, which evidence the endogenous origin of both the parental structures and the tektites. The critical point of tektite genesis can be classified to three critical topics: I. origin of tektite parent structures, II.
   physical and chemical properties of tektites, III. genesis and the differentiation of tektite melt. The most important points of the first group are the direct spatial and genetical relationships of the astroproblemes (including tektite parent structures) to the stabilized areas of the Earth crust and to deep seated faults, where they are accompanied by alkaline ultrabasic explosion centres (Figs. 1-3). The polygonal shape of many astroproblemes fits the tectonic lineaments of the surroundings. Their long-term evolution is proved by successive polyphase evolution of their rocks and especially by the complex tructure of their breccias (the Ries suevite), and in some cases the long-term geomorphological and geological evolution (Lake Bosumtwi, Fig.10, 11, Sudbury Structure, Fig.12). Important is the evidence of non-impact origin of shock metamorphism (the Puchesh-Katun ring structure - Russia, the Brent Crater - Canada and the Stopfenheim dome - Germany, Figs. 8, 9, 13, 14).
   Being not solved satisfactorily in terms of the impact hypothesis belong two problems to the second g
    Česká geologická služba
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