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    Kulmská flóra z podloží němčičské uhelné pánve na jižní Moravě (moravskoslezské paleozoikum)
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    Eva Purkyňová
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    The culmian flora from the basement of the Němčičky Coal Basin in southern Moravia (Moravo-Silesian Paleozoic)
    Purkyňová, Eva
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    Časopis Slezského zemského muzea. Série A, Vědy přírodní
    Roč. 49, č. 3
    s. 247-252
    1 tab., 2 pl., 2 příl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Čas. Slez. zem. Muz., Sér. A
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    moravskoslezské prevariské paleozoikum
    vrt hluboký
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    Dambořice (Hodonín)
    Němčičky (Břeclav)
    Uhřice (Hodonín)
    Žarošice (Hodonín)
Abstract (in english)
   The paper deals with recapitulation of the plant remains obtained and determined by me from the drillcores with culmian rocks in 9 deep boreholes, situated in the Neogene Carpathian Foredeep in Southern Moravia. This rocks build the underlier of the coal-bearing molasse deposits of the Němčičky Basin or crop up below the younger cover units. This boreholes were drilled in the vicinity of Žarošice, Uhřice, Dambořice and Němčičky southeast of Brno, mainly in search of oil and natural gas, in the sixties and seventies. No systematic corring of the boreholes was undertaken. Some of the paleontological results were published (see below the bibliography), but from several boreholes the floral records remainded up to now unpublished. In this paper the complete list of all floral findings is given.
   Based upon the fossil plants, the assemblage of 20 taxa, ascertained from this culmian deposits (see the table 1), we can consider about the analogy in age with the Kyjovice Member of the Jeseník Culm. The macrofloral taphonomic character is conformly: common are abundant culmian taxa - Calamites radiatus and various Sphenopteridium species, together with several stratigraphical younger - early Namurian species, as Lyginopteris fragilis, Cardiopteridium aldeburgense and Sphenophyllum tenerrium. This fact signals the age near Viseán/Namurian boundary. According to the goniatite fauna this Carboniferous sequensis have been ranged to the upper Viseán (subzone GO 1-2)
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    6. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012