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    Local Geodynamic Network "Sněžník"
Statement of responsibility
    O. Švábenský, J. Weigel
    Švábenský, Otakar, 1947-
    Weigel, J.
Source title - serial
    Exploration, geophysics, remote sensing and environment
    Vol. 6, no. 2
    p. 4-7
    3 diagr., 2 tab., 4 bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Explor. Geophys. remote Sens. Environm. (Brno)
Subject group
    geologie regionální
    měření gravimetrické
    orlicko-sněžnické krystalinikum
    procesy geodynamické
Geographical name
    Hrubý Jeseník-Králický Sněžník
Abstract (in english)
   Seven years ago the local geodynamic research network "Sněžník" was created in Czech-Polish cooperation (Technical University Brno, Akademia Rolnicza Wroclaw). Since 1992 measuring campaigns were carried out there every year including GPS together with various kinds of terrestrial measurements as EDM, levelling, gravimetry and astronomy. Results of these annual field campaigns constitute a large base for experiments, tests and comparisons of GPS and terrestrially derived positions and heights. In years of 1996 - 1998 the works in scope of the research project oriented on problems of the common processing of GPS and terrestrial measurements were carried out, in cooperation of TU Brno and Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography Zdiby - Geodetic Observatory Pecný. This contribution gives the layout of "Sněžník" network, describes various types of measurements and deals with some factors influencing the GPS baseline accuracy
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    20. 8. 2007
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    8. 8. 2012