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    Loess-palaeosol stratigraphy in the Yenisey basin, Southern Siberia
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    Jiří Chlachula
    Chlachula, Jiří
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    Sborník geologických věd. Antropozoikum
    Roč. 23
    s. 55-70
    12 obr., 6 fot., 1 pl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Sbor. geol. Věd, Antropozoikum.
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    asociace minerální
    geologie regionální
    půda fosilní
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    Jenisejská pánev (Rusko-Sibiř západní)
    Rusko-Sibiř západní
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   A high-resolution Late Quaternary Siberian palaeoclimatic record has been derived from the Kurtak Section 29 in the Northern Minusinsk Basin of the Southern Krasnoyarsk region. The 34 m-thick loess palaeosol sequence provides evidence for strongly fluctiating apaleoclimates in northern continental Euroasia during the Late Quaternary with maximum amplitudes of climatic change between 130 and 10 ka BP. A succession of buried chernozemic, brunisolic and gleyed regosolic soils are consistently demarcated within bulk magnetic susceptibility depth functions, with increased values (= 250-650 x 10-2 S.I.) reflecting cold intervals and lower values (= 20-250 x 10-2 S.I.) indicative of warm and climatically moderate intervals.
   This specific magnetic susceptibility pattern (with the minima in the most weathered interglacial soils) is completely opposite to the Chinese loess susceptibility record, where the magnetic concentration level in paleosols directly correlates with the degree of pedogenesis. A gradual magnetic mineral depletion during soils formation, coupled with a more intense wind activity during cold intervals leading to accumulation of greater quantities of larger ferrimagnetic grains, is assumed to account for the higher magnetic susceptibility capacity in loess. The magnetic susceptibility curve shows a globally diagnostic trend for the last two glacial-interglacial stages as recognised in deep-sea oxygen isotope records
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    6. 3. 2009
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    8. 8. 2012