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    Long-term cloud and fog water deposition monitoring in southern Czech Republic
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    Miroslav Tesař, Miloslav Šír, Daniela Fottová
    Fottová, Daniela, 1951-
    Šír, Miloslav
    Tesař, Miroslav, 1956-
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    Catchment hydrological and biochemical processes in the changing environment
    s. 281-287
    3 tab., 14 bibl.
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    kovy těžké
    srážky dešťové
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    Rudolice v Horách (Most)
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   The objectives of this article are to: (1) present the results of statistical analysis of the occurrence and duration of individual types to occult precipitation (the so-called climatological normals are presented); (2) estimate the amount of fog and cloud water deposition; (3) characterize the chemical composition of fog and cloud water on the basis of long-term monitoring (1989-1997) in the Šumava Mts.; and (4) determine of site-to-site differences exist. Forests of the mountainous regions of the Czech Republic can be subject to relatively significant deposition of water and chemical via cloud droplet impaction. This deposition has been estimated using a micrometeorological mathematical resistance model. Water inputs from fogs and clouds are about 8 percent of the total precipitation (mean for the compared time periods), and chemical inputs range from 25 to 130 percent of the amounts in bulk precipitation measured above the canopy in open areas.
   A wide range of cencentrations were encountered, exceeding concentrations occurring in rain by a factor ranging from 3 to 18 (comparing median values of the fog and cloud water and weighted means of the bulk precipitation). Estimated wet deposition for NH4+, NO3- and SO42- via fog and cloud droplets impaction and sedimentation represents 870, 1767 and 2109 kg km-2 year-1, respectively (i.e. 129, 77 and 79% with respect to weighted means of amounts in precipitation)
    Česká geologická služba
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    21. 3. 2008
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