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    Magnetic characterization of Fe-Oxides concretions from Utah, USA and Czech Republic as terrestrial analogues of Mars
    Adachi, T.
    Adamovič, Jiří
    Kletetschka, Günther
    Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2008 (25.05.2008-30.05.2008 : Chiba, Japonsko)
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    Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2008
    Překlad názvu: Magnetická charakteristika železitých oxidů z Utahu, USA a České republiky jako zemské analogie Marsu
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    rock magnetism
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   Terrestrial Fe-oxides (e.g., hematite, goethite, and magnetite) concretions were formed in aqueous diagenetic conditions in sandstones. Magnetism of these concretions from the Jurassic Navajo sandstone, Utah, and from Cretaceous sandstones in Czech Republic were partly characterized, and interpreted for the compositions of hematite, goethite and magnetite with respect to their grain sizes.At ambient temperature they are the mixtures of superparamagnetic (SP), single domain (SD), and multidomain (MD) magnetic states. For the magnetic signature interpretation, we also collected Navajo sandstone samples that contain primarily goethite or hematite cement and used them as a standard. Concretions from Utah are not capable of reaching saturation magnetization (SIRM), even when using pulse magnetic fields exceeding 10 Tesla. We observed a linear trend during the room-temperature, high-field magnetic acquisition that we interpret as goethite signature.
    AV ČR Brno, Geologický ústav
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    8. 8. 2012