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    Mica phases suistable for fixation of radionuclides of cesium and rubidium
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    Milan Drábek, M. Mellini, Milan Rieder, Z. Weiss
    Drábek, Milan
    Mellini, Marcello
    Rieder, Milan
    Weiss, Z.
Source title - monograph
    Applied Mineralogy in Research, Economy, Technology, Ecology and Culture : Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress on Applied Mineralogy ICAM, Göttingen, Germany, 17-19 July 2000, vol. 2
    s. 527-529
    1 tab., 14 bibl.
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    bariéra geochemická
    izotopy radioaktivní
    krystalová struktura
    odpad radioaktivní
    syntéza minerálu
    vazba iontová
Abstract (in english)
   High mobility of alkalies and the alrge ionic radii of Cs+ and Rb+ are they obstacles in efforts to immobilize these elements. However, many natural micas are known to contain elevated contents of Cs and Rb and, therefore, the mica structure seemed suitable for the fixation and immobilization of Cs and Rb. Three micas were grown under hydrothermal conditions, a Cs analog of annite, a Cs analog of tetra-ferri-annite and an Rb analog of tetra-ferri-annite. The crystal structures of two of these micas have been refined, the third refinement is in progress. These micas appear as stable crystalline phases suitable for the storage of Cs and Rb in the interlayer space of their crystal structures and should be considered as potential ceramic waste disposal phases. Also in the near field, micas may an important role as a component in the geological barrier.
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    4. 9. 2007
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