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    Mid-Cretaceous palynomorphs from the Blansko Graben (Czech Republic): affinities to both Tethyan and Boreal bioprovinces
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    Marcela Svobodová
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    Proceedings of the 4th European Palaeobotanical and Palynological Conference (Variant.)
    Svobodová, Marcela
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    Mededelingen Nederlands Instituut voor Toegepaste Geowetenschappen TNO
    Vol. 58
    p. 149-155
    3 obr., 2 tab., 1 pl., 1 s.bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Meded. Nederl. Inst. Toegepaste Geowet. TNO.
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    česká křídová pánev
    orlicko-žďárský faciální vývoj
    provincie floristická
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    Letovice (Blansko)
    Vřesice (Blansko)
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   Seven boreholes were sampled for palynological study of the Cenomanian rocks in the southeastern tip of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin. The smaller lithological units A-L have been distinguished within the Perus (A-H) and Korycany (I-L) Formations, The age of the basal strata (unit A) of the Peruc Formation is considered to be early Cenomanian. The palynoflora of the Korycany Formation reflects a marine, subtidal environment of deposition. Angiosperm pollen consisting of psilate to reticulate triangular tricolporates, brevaxones (Bolchovitineaaepollenites sp.) and triporates from the Normapolles Group - (Complexiopollis vulgaris) are present in unit I and J. the stratigraphically significant bivalve Inoceramus (?Mytiloides) crippsi Mantell has been recognized at the base of unit J. The Peruc palynoflora was deposited under salt marsch, tidal flat to freshwater swamp conditions (Čech and Svobodová, in press).
   An interesting pollen assemblage of angiosperms is present at the base of the boreholes V-127, V-134 and V-135 (unit A): both monocotyledonous (reticulate monoculcate Liliacidites sp.) and dicotyledonous (smooth tricolpate "Tricolpopollenites" parvulus and reticulate tricolpate Tricolpites minutus, Tricolpites micromunus, "Retitricolpites" georgenis) angiosperm pollen and permanent tetrad of Dicotetradites sp. Theses are the oldest angiosperm pollen which have been recovered from Cretaceous deposits in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Česká geologická služba
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    7. 12. 2007
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