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    Mineral magnetic properties of cave sediments from the Moravian Karst, Czech Republic: Records of environmental change
    Diehl, J. F.
    Kadlec, Jaroslav
    Šroubek, P.
    Castle Meeting New Trends in Geomagnetism, Paleo, Rock and Environmental Magnetism (10. : 03.09.2006-08.09.2006 : Valtice, Česká republika)
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    Travaux Géophysiques
    Roč. 38, - (2006), s. 28-28
    Překlad názvu: Magnetomineralogické vlastnosti jeskynních sedimentů Moravského krasu, Česká republika: Záznam environmentálních změn
    Rozsah: 1 s.
    Výzkumný záměr: CEZ:AV0Z30130516
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    cave sediments
    magnetic properties
    Moravian Karst
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   The cave environment, offers an enormous richness of well preserved clastic and chemogennic sediments. In many instances the character of these sediments reflects the environmental conditions. After removal of the effects of fine carbonate debris and detrital ferromagnetic minerals on the bulk ÷ .record, we obtained a record of pedogenic susceptibility ( ÷p) that shows variations both on long and short time scales. The long term trends are in good agreement with the deep sea SPECMAP record while the short term oscillations correlate well with rapid climatic events recorded by changes in the North Atlantic sea surface temperatures.
    AV ČR Brno, Geologický ústav
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    AV ČR, GLÚ
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    8. 8. 2012