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    Mineralogy and petrology of some artefacts from Kosoř near Prague
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    Blanka Šreinová, Milan Lička, Vladimír Šrein, Martin Šťastný
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    Mineralogie a petrologie kamenných nástrojů z Kosoře u Prahy
    Lička, Milan
    Šrein, Vladimír
    Šreinová, Blanka
    Šťastný, Martin
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    Roč. 26
    s. 137-143
    3 obr., 2 diagr.
    České resumé
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    Zkr. název ser.: Krystalinikum
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    analýza petrografická
    Český masiv
    horniny vulkanické
    minerály horninotvorné
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    Kosoř (Praha-západ)
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   The rocks used for manufacturing stone tools have some characteristic features in common: mostly they are fine-grained and, to a large extent, are of compact structure. The tools were made mostly from local Bohemian material, it seems unlikely that imported material was used. Especially spilite, basic and ultrabasic rocks served as source material, very often basic volcanites (occasionally tuffs), mostly Proterozoic or Palaeozoic, partly slightly metamorphosed rocks, sometimes with distinct contact metamorphism. Very characteristic, there is the small amount of quartz, chlorite, and the rather depressed planar structure. Amphibolites-actinolites and sometimes also common hornblende are the dominant minerals. The best known and undoubtedly most suitable type of material for polished artefacts are the actinolite and amphibole-actinolite schists with a radial structure of amphibole needles. This structure has neforcing effect reggarding the solidity of the tools made from these rocks.
   They have minor quartz component, feldspars are often present - albite, orthoclase and Ba-rich orthoclase
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    5. 8. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012