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    Některé problémy vzniku vltavínů III. - Tvary inkluzí a textura ve světle impaktového procesu
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    Vladimír Knobloch
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    Sborník referátů 7.konference o vltavínech - Znojmo 1996 (Variant.)
    Some problems of the origin of tectites III. The shape of inclusions and structure from the view of the Impact procs
    Knobloch, Vladimír
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    Přírodovědný sborník Západomoravského muzea v Třebíči
    Roč. 31
    s. 54-60
    3 obr., 4 fot., 21 bibl.
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    inkluze minerální
    oxid křemičitý
    proces adiabatický
    sklo přírodní
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   The moldavite matter is sufficiently well transparent. Therefore it is possible to observe the moldavite structure and inclusions. The shapes of lechatelierite inclusions give information on the origin of moldavite matter during the whole interval from melting to solidification. The shapes of bubbles show the effect of conditions under which they were formed. The study of inclusions and structure of moldavite matter reveals that this matter was formed of layers or flows with different rheological properties. These properties were probably caused by differet temperatures of the flows. It is also evident that the moldavite matter did not pass through the period of gas phase or easily flowing liquide state. The change of rheological properties of moldavite forming was quicker than the bubbles expansion. The change was connected with the change of the moldavite functions of state
    Česká geologická služba
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    27. 12. 2007
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