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    Neogene Tektonik und Reliefentwicklung des nördlichen KTB-Umfeldes (Fichtelgebirge und Steinwald)
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    Andreas Peterek, Bernt Schröder, Günter Nollau
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    Geowissenschaftliche Untersuchungen im Umfeld der Kontinentalen Tiefbohrunhg (KTB), Oberpfalz (Variant.)
    Nollau, Günter
    Peterek, Andreas
    Schröder, Bernt
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    Geologica bavarica
    Jg. 101
    12 obr., 3 s.bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Geologica bavar.
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    chebská pánev
    tektonika zlomová
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   The study area of the Fichtelgebirge and Steinwald is situated at the western end of the Cenozoic Eger graben system. Following morphotectonic criteria three stages of tectonic activity can be determined (during the late Oligocene/early Miocene, the late Miocene and the late Pliocene/early Pleistocene). The evolution of the topography prior, synchronous and subsequent to block faulting has created a complex morphotectonic structure. Within the central Fichtelgebirge enspicuous remnants of formerly widespread planation surfaces can be observed between 600 and 650 m (a.s.l). They belong to a system of planation surfaces (HF) that crossut a block-faulted landscape and has developed during late Oligocene to middle/late Miocene time. The development of the HF planation surface system has been initiated prior to the volcanic activity during the late Oligocene/early Miocene (=pre-basaltic).
   As the HF planation surfaces crosscut also the volcanic rocks surface planation has continued during the early to middle/late Miocene (postbasaltic). During the middle/late Miocene some parts of the HF topography have been dislocated in the range of 10 to 100 m. The fault-scarp topography (also created by the former and the successive tectonic stages) has intensely been degraded (degraded scarps, Wallace 1977)
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    14. 8. 2007
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