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    New early Devonian gastropods from the Plectonotus (Boucotonotus) - Palaeozygopleura Community in the Prague Basin (Bohemian)
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    Jiří Frýda, Klaus Bandel
    Bandel, Klaus
    Frýda, Jiří
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    Mitteilungen aus dem Geologisch-Paläontologischen Institut der Universität Hamburg
    Vol. 80
    p. 1-57
    11 pl., 5 s.bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Mitt. Geol.-Paläont. Inst. Univ. Hamburg.
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    nový taxon
    popis taxonů
    pražská pánev
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    Praha - Barrandov
    Praha - Holyně
    Praha - Lochkov
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   A detailed study based on the shape of the early whorls of some Early Deovnian gastropods from the Plectonotus (Boucotonotus) - Palaeozygopleura Community of the Prague Basin (Bohemian) enables the reevaluation of their higher taxonomic position. The Plectonotus (Boucotonotus) - Palaeozygopleura Community consists of a higly diversified (several tens of species), small-sized fauna derived from deeper-water, mainly micritic Early Devonian limestones of the Prague Basin. Among gastropods from this community, the genera Katoptychia Perner, 1907, Stylonema Perner, 1907, and Palaeozygopleura Horný, 1955 have slender, high-spired shells and do not dvelop a planktotrophic larva. Their protoconch has the characteristics typical of the subclass Archaeogastropoda. These genera are united into the new order Stylogastropoda of the Archaeogastropoda.
   This new taxon probably ioncludes many genera of the superfamily Loxonematoidea (but not the members of the families Pseudozygopleuridae and Zygopleuridae which belong to the subclass Caenogastropoda). Within this Early Devonian fauna to the genera Perunela n.gen., Smichovia n.gen., Chuchlina FrýdaManda, 1997, and Zenospira n.gen. The shells of the latter two genera, belonging to the new family Chuchlinidae, have a subulate shape and are ornamented by collabral cotae. The genera Perunela n.gen. and Smichovia n.gen. have a smooth shell and are placed into the new family Perunelidae. The new superfamily Peruneloidea units both families, Chuchlinidae and Perunelidae, but its placement among the higher taxa of the Gastropoda is still uncertain. The majority of Early Devonian gastropods described here belong to trochomorph species of the subclass Archaeogastropoda
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    28. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012