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    Obnova původní struktury ekosystémů v chráněných územích
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    Vojen Ložek
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    Konference Aplikace teoretických poznatků a nových metod v ochranářské praxi (Variant.)
    Restoration of original ecosystems structure in protected areas
    Ložek, Vojen
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    Referáty přednesené na konferenci "Aplikace teoretických poznatků a nových metod v ochranářské praxi"
    s. 13-21
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    Železné kory - Sborník prací 4
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    holocenní vegetace
    ochrana přírody
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   Conditions for restoration of natural ecosystems in protected areas are discussed. In central Europe the great majority of protected areas represent ecosystems characterized by the absence of centrain components which ceased to exist as a result of human activities, in many cases already during prehistoric times. Territorial protection was mostly declared on the basis of well-preserved natural vegetation or occurrence of certain rare or endangered plant species. The fauna played only a minor role and its state was mostly poorly known in detail. There can be no doubt that the species richness of protected ecosystems must be supported by active management. In sites where certain biotal components recently disappeared, as documented, for instance, by fossil records, specimens in collections or by direct field observations, it is necessary to apply a management supporting the return of the components in question.
   This can be realized in many only by their transfer from still existing natural refugia of from artificial habitats in which they were introduced during the endangering of their natural sites. Only a few sites are able to develop spontaneously, in most of cases it is necessary to establish on the basis of careful contextual analysis a management focused on a complete reconstruction of ecosystems within the protected area. At the time of overall endagering of mid-European biota only an active management can secure a sustainable development of near-natural biodiversity
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    21. 2. 2008
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