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    Ore Deposits and Deep Structure of the Earth (Variant.)
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    Cyclic evolution of convergent plate margins indicated by time sequence of volcanism and subduction
    Essential features of porphyry copper/molybdenum and rare-metal (Sn, W, Mo, Be, Li) ore deposits
    Evolutionary trends of gold and tin deposits
    Gold in metallogeny of the Central and Western European units of the Peri-Alpine Variscan Belt : A review of essential parameters controlling the genesis and distribution of gold deposits
    Heat flow studies in Central Europe with special emphasis on data from former Czechoslovakia
    The role of mantle-rooted structural discontinuities in concentration of metals. With an example from the Bohemian Massif set in the context of Central and Western Europe
    Some new aspects of metallogeny of the Bohemian Massif (Central Europe)
    Vein-type hydrothermal deposits of the Bohemian Massif: Evolution of hydrothermal fluid sources and relation to extension events in the crust
    Where are the future resources of metals? : Brief exercise in a standard/target ore prognosis applied to the Czech and Slovak Republics