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    Otomar Pravoslav Novák (1851-1892) a Berounsko
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    Radvan Horný, Naděžda Zdobnická
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    Otomar Pravoslav Novák (1851-1892) and the Beroun region
    Horný, Radvan
    Zdobnická, Naděžda
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    Český kras
    Roč. 27
    s. 56-59
    3 obr., 16 bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Čes. Kras
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    Český masiv
    pražská pánev
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    Liteň (Beroun)
    Nižbor (Beroun)
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   The ingenious Czech palaeontologist, professor Otomar Pravoslav Novák (1851-1892), a disciple of Antonín Frič, Jan Krejčí, and Joachim Barrande, is tighly connected with the region of the Bohemian Karst. Study of archive documents carried out in connection with the exhibition devoted to his birth anniversary in the National Museum, Prague brought interesting data about his life and about relation of him and his family to the Beroun territory. His mother Aloisie came from the Piperger family originally from Olešná near Komárov. She married Jan Novák, native of southern Moravia, a financial officer of the Fürstenberg estates at Nižbor (formerly Nová Huť) near Beroun. Nevertheless, O.P. Novák was born in East-Bohemian Hradec Králové where the family moved shortly before his birth in 1851. Influenced by his uncle, the Czech geologist Karel Feistmantel, O.P. Novák joined the Czech Museum where he became a disciple and later assistant of professor Antonín Frič. In about 1874 A.
   Frič introduced him to Joachim Barrande, who received him well and finally appointed him one of the two continuators of his unfinished magnificent work Systeme silurien du centre de la Bohéme. Since 1881, Jan Wilt, the husband of Novák's sister Růžena, got a place of a school-teacher and headmaster of the Liteň primary school. Thus Liteň became a Novák's basis for field excursions and a refugee during unhappy and painful days. In 1888, O.P. Novák obtained a professorship of Palaeontology at the Prague Czech University. Tragically, he suffered from tuberculosis and deceased in Liteň in 1892
    Česká geologická služba
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