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    Paleontologické výzkumy přírodovědeckého oddělení Muzea v Hradci Králové v roce 2000
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    Stanislav Štamberg
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    Paleontological research of the Department of Natural History of Regional Museum at Hradec Králové in the year 2000
    Štamberg, Stanislav, 1949-
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    Acta Musei reginaehradecensis. Series A, Scientiae naturales
    Roč. 28
    s. 239-246
    4 pl., 3 bibl.
    Anglické resumé
    Zkr. název ser.: Acta Mus. reginaehradec., Ser. A
Subject group
    boskovická brázda
    podkrkonošská pánev
    uhelná sloj
    vnitrosudetská pánev
    zpráva o činnosti
Geographical name
    Klášterská Lhota (Trutnov)
    Kochov (Blansko)
    Žacléř (Trutnov)
Abstract (in english)
   Paleontological field work of the department of Natural History of the Regional Museum at Hradec Králové paid attention in the year 2000 to the localities of Lower Permian and Upper Carboniferous age in Boskovice Furrow, Intra-Sudetic Basin and Krkonoše Piedmont Basin. Large excavations on the locality Kochov "V potocích" (Lower Permian, Boskovice Furrow) gave amount of palaeoniscoid fishes and Discosauriscid amphibians. Žacléř Formation (Westphalian B) in Itrasudetic Basin yielded abundant flora Mariopteris, muricata, Sphenopteris sp., Pecopteris cf. miltonii, Paripteris gigantea, Lepidodendron simile, Lepidodendron obovatum, Calamites sp.), but not any fauna has been found. Large outcrop at Klášterská Lhota (Lower Permian, Krkonoše Piedmont Basin) contains several layers of fine-grained calcareous with scales and bones of palaeoniscoid fishes. Suprising was the layer of hard sandstone with multitude scales of palaeoniscoid fishes.
   The scales passed a transport because they are abrade and regularly arranged in layers. The tricuspid teeth probably of xenacanthid shark Xenacanthus sp. also occur together with the scales of palaeoniscoid fishes
    Česká geologická služba
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    22. 8. 2008
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