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    Palynological research in the Šumava Mountains
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    Eva Břízová
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    Palynologický výzkum Šumavy
    Proceedings of The MAB UNESCO's conference Geo-biodiversity of the Bohemian/Bavarian Forest: Trilateral Research, Conservation and Management of the Frontier Mountains (Variant.)
    Břízová, Eva
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    Silva Gabreta : sborník vědeckých prací ze Šumavy
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    s. 109-113
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    Zkr. název ser.: Silva Gabreta
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    jezero ledovcové
    kvartér Českého masivu
    sedimentace lakustrinní
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   Peat bogs are prominent and specific ecosystem in the Šumava Mts. They have an important and exceptional value; they keep recording information about their own recent and ancient past, about the vegetational history and factors of natural environment in the nearby and more distant landscape. This information is obtainable by means of paleobotanical methods, such as the pollen and macroscopic analyses. In the past, scientific studies of the Šumava Mts. were generally scarce, owing to their location in the frontier area. They are also little known palynologically. - Along with the geochemical investigation, pollen analysis of the upper part of Jezerní Mire section (thickness 0.26 m) was carried out, and dated by the newly applied 210 Pb method (VILE & al. 1995).
   Besides studying the peat bog sediments by means of pollen analysis, it was also suitable to apply this method to the lacustrine sediments of the Šumava lakes, i.e., to Černé Lake (Břízová 1991a, b, 1993, 1995; Reissinger 1930, 1931; Řeháková 1991 - diatoms) and Čertovo Lake (Břízová 1991a, b, 1993, 1995; Veselý & al. 1993), the latter sediments being also used for geochemical study (Veselý 1994). Their thickness was 1.15 m and 0.8 m, respectively. The analysed deposits date back to the younger Subatlantic period (Period X - by Firbas 1949, 1952)
    Česká geologická služba
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    20. 2. 2008
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