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    Palynological zonation of Mid-Palaeozoic sequences from the Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain: implications for inter-regional and interfacies correlation of the Ludford/Přídolí and Silurian/Devonian boundaries, and plant dispersal patterns
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    John B. Richardson, Rosa M. Rodriguez, Stuart J.E. Sutherland
    Richardson, John B.
    Rodriguez, Rosa M.
    Sutherland, Stuart J. E.
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    Bulletin of the Natural history museum. Geology series
    Vol. 57, no. 2
    p. 115-162
    13 obr., 13 pl., 3 s.bibl.
    Zkr. název ser.: Bull. Natur. hist. Mus., Geol. Ser. (London)
Subject group
    nový taxon
    popis taxonů
    pražská pánev
    stratigrafická hranice
    zóny biostratigrafické
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    Afrika severní
    Karlštejn (Beroun)
    Praha - Řeporyje
    Suchomasty (Beroun)
Abstract (in english)
   Mid-Palaeozoic strata from the Cantabrian Mountains (north-west Spain) contain rich assemblages of spores, acritarch and Chitinozoa. Fossil maturation is variable but generally high. the stratigraphical distribution of miospores and cryptospores from four sections through the San pedro and lower La Vid Formations is sufficiently consistent for the establishment of a sequence of six biozones (including four new biozones). In ascending order the biozones are: 1, Scylaspora vetusta - S sp. B (V) Spore Biozone; 2, Artemopyra brevicosta - hispaneadiscus verrucatus (BV) Spore Biozone; 3, Coronaspora reticulata - Chelinospora sanpetrensis (RS) Spore Biozone; 4, Chelinospora hemiesferica (H) Spore Biozone; Scylaspora elegans - Iberoespora cantabrica (EC) Spore biozone; 6, Streelispora newportensis - Emphanisporites micrornatus (MN) Spore Biozone.
   The elegans - cantabrica (EC) Spore Biozone is divided into two sub-biozones based on the first appearance of the genus Aneurospora and the lower part of the MN Biozone is distinguished as a separate subzone, namely the Streelispora newportensis - Leonispora argovejae (NA) Spore Assemblage Sub-Biozone (also present in England). The Ludford/Přídolí boundary is probably within the upper part of the reticulata - sanpetrensis Spore Biozone, and the Aneurospora Sub-biozone and succeding MN Biozone, allow inter-regional correlation with basal and Lower lochkovian strata. Comparison between England, Spain, and North Africa, show that regional differences in spore floras are most marked in the Přídolí
    Česká geologická služba
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    28. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012