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    Petrologic recognition of coal seams of the Lower Silesian Coal Basin
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    Grzegorz J. Nowak
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    Rozpoznanie petrologiczne pokladów wegla Dolnoslaskiego Zaglebia Wéglowego
    Nowak, Grzegorz J.
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    Prace Panstwowego Instytutu Geologicznego
    Vol. 162
    p. 40
    26 obr., 9 tab., 5 pl., 2 s.bibl.
    res. pol.
    Zkr. název ser.: Prace Panstw. Inst. geol.
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    uhelná sloj
    uhlí bituminózní
    vnitrosudetská pánev
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    Polsko - jihozápad
    Žacléř (Trutnov)
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   The Lower Silesian Coal Basin is located within the largest geological unit of the Middle Sudetes - the Intra-Sudetic Depression, filled with Carboniferous, Permian and Upper Cretaceous deposits. This basin is of intra-montane type where coal-bearing deposits represent Upper Carboniferous. Two coal-bearing lithostratigraphic units: Walbrzych Formation (Namurian A) and Žacléř Formation (Westphalian A-C) are recognized there. This work concerns coal seams of these two units. Characteristic of coal lithotypes in the coal seams of both formations have been presented banded coals, while those of the Westphalian age are composed mainly of the semibright coals. Bright and semibright coals prevail in the Nowa Ruda region seams. The studied coal seams indicate great differentiation in maceral composition. Three groups of macerals - vitrinite, liptinite and inertinite occur in changing proportions in particular parts of the basin.
   It has been observed that the liptinite vanishes with the increase of coal rank. In NW part of the basin area, upwards the profile of Walbrzych Formation, tendency to increase the vitrinite content in coals occurs. The content of liptinite is diminishing in the same direction. No regularity in inertinite distribution has been observed. Neither any constant quantitative layout tendencies of particular macerals were found in the Walbrzych Formation seams, in the eastern part of Nowa Ruda region. Differentiation in microlithotypes composition, which corresponds to macerals compositions, has been observed there. Share of mineral components in seams of this unit changes in very broad limits - several to 30%. The seams in NW part of the basin represent diverdified types of paleoenvironments. The Žacléř Formation seams in Wakbrzych region are characterized by average to high vitrinite content, low to average inertinite content, and more or less constant, moderate liptinite content.
   Coals in the eastern part of the basin indicate high share of vitrinite, with average to high share of inertinite
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    25. 3. 2008
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