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    Phosphide solid solutions within the metal-rich section of the quaternary system, Co-Fe-Ni-P at 800 ?C, and their mineralogical implications
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    Pevné roztoky fosfidů v kovy bohaté části soustavy Co-Fe-Ni-P při 800 ?C a jejich mineralogická aplikace.
    Drábek, Milan
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    článek v periodiku
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    Canadian Mineralogist
    Roč. 44, č. 2
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    phase relations, phosphides, schreibersite, nickelphosphide, barringerite, allabogdanite, Co, Fe, Ni
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   Fázové vztahy v soustavě Co-Fe-Ni-P byly studovány v zatavených, evakuovaných kamenných trubicích. V soustavě byly zjištěny 3 rozsáhlé pevné roztoky:tetragonální(Co,Ni,Fe)3P, hexagonální (Co,Ni,Fe)2P, a orthorombický (Co,Ni,Fe)2P
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   Solid solutions within the Co-Fe-Ni-P system were studied experimentally by means of the evacuated silica tube technique at 800 ?C. Three broad solid solutions were detected in the system, tetragonal f (Co,Ni,Fe)3P, hexagonal l1 (Co,Ni,Fe)2P, and orthorhombic l2 (Co,Ni,Fe)2P . Within these three pseudoternary systems, all phosphides known as minerals are situated. Cobalt has a remarkable influence on the structure type of (Co,Fe,Ni)2P solid solutions, inducing a transition of the hexagonal structure (Fe-Ni rich) to orthorhombic (Co rich). Nevertheless, the cobalt content reported in allabogdanite is too low to bring about the transition of the hexagonal l1 structure to the orthorhombic l2 structure. In addition to these most important solid solutions, two binary solid solutions were detected: tetragonal (Co,Ni)12P5 and a very narrow, (Co,Ni,)5P2 , which is hexagonal. Phosphides with such compositions can be expected in meteorites, in close association with other phosphides.
    Česká geologická služba
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    15. 10. 2014