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    Physical properties of Chelyabinsk meteorites - implications on parent body
    Gritsevich, M.
    Grokhovsky, V.
    Kohout, Tomáš
    Yakovlev, G.
    European Week of Astronomy and Space Science 2013 (08.07.2013-13.07.2013 : Turku, Finsko)
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    EWASS 2013 : abstracts
    S. 153-153
    Rozsah: 1 s.
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    physical properties
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   Bulk and grain density, porosity, and magnetic susceptibility of 44 Chelyabinsk (LL5) meteorites were measured. The meteorites included both bright and dark lithology and their masses were in range of 1.2 to 300 g. Mean bulk (3.29 g/cm3) and grain (3.47 g/cm3) density and porosity (6%) matches LL fall range reported in Consolmagno et al., 2008. The mean magnetic susceptibility (logarithm of mass susceptibility in 10-9 kg/m3 = 4.51), however, is in-between mean values reported for L (4.87) and LL (4.10) falls in Rochette et al. 2003. This suggest that the amount of metallic iron is in the intermediate L/LL range and higher than in other LL chondrites). All above mentioned parameters are consistent through whole mass range and does not differ significantly among bright and dark lithology and brecciated samples with significant amount of impact melt. This suggests that the Chelyabinsk meteorite parent body was rather homogenous in its composition despite its brecciated nature.
    AV ČR Brno, Geologický ústav
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    23. 10. 2014