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    Poznatky komplexního geofyzikálního měření v prostoru historické šachty Geister u Jáchymova
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    Daniela Pittauerová, Jiří Dohnal, Viktor Goliáš
    Dohnal, Jiří
    Goliáš, Viktor
    Jáně, Zdeněk
    Pittauerová, Daniela
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    Uhlí-Rudy-Geologický průzkum
    Roč. 10, č. 10
    s. 25-29
    5 obr., 8 bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Uhlí-Rudy-Geol. Průzk.
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    důl opuštěný
    geologie environmentální
    krušnohorské krystalinikum
    měření radiometrické
    rizika geologická
    rudy Ag
    rudy barevných kovů
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    Jáchymov (Karlovy Vary)
Abstract (in english)
   This contribution summarizes results of the complex geophysical survey in the area of historically exploited silver mine at Geister vein in Jáchymov ore field. Argentiferous ores refuse heap, highly enriched by radionuclides of uranium decay family, and its immediate vicinity were mapped both by radiometric methods to determine radionuclides migration and by geoelectrical methods with magnetometry to set geological and tectonic features of the area as well as the relation between ore structures and remainders of historical mining on the surface. The radiometric situation of the locality was described by means of field gamma-spectrometry, gamma-activity measurement in shallow boreholes and emanometry (volume activity of Rn-isotopes in soil gas). Laboratory gamma-spectrometry was applied for the description of radionuclides migration in the body of the heap and to its subsoil.
   There was established uranium migration to the sub-soil of rubbish and uranium storage in the fossil soil underneath the heap. On the contrary the marked stability of radium in the upper active horizons of the heap was proved. Pole-dipole/dipole-pole resistivity profiling was used to demarcate two (in resistivity different) rock types in the bedrock - porphyry and metasediments of the third Jáchymov series. Pole-dipole/dipole-pole resistivity measurement, together with VLF - method enabled determination of venous and other tectonic structures. Positive anomalies of the electrochemical potential field (spontaneous polarization method) on the surface of the heaps will be the subject for future studies. It is evident that these anomalies reflect unidentified chemical processes accompanying weathering of ore minerals in the heap material
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    21. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012