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    Pre-Variscan Terrane Analysis of "Gondwanan Europe" International Conference - Excursion Guides and Abstracts (Variant.)
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    Cadomian basement in the Bohemian Massif: relations to the Cadomian belt and implications for pre-Variscan plate kinematics
    Dispersal of marine fauna and spores of continental plants: Implication for hydrospheric/atmospheric circulation pattern and paleogeography (Devonian, Emsian-Eifelian, NGM-SLM)
    Early Palaeozoic intracontinental rifting in the Bohemian terrane: correlation of volcanic rocks of the central West Sudetes and Barrandian
    Early Variscan rapid decompression related to terrane collision in the SW Barrandian, NE Bavaria
    The importance of acritarchs in Ordovician biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography in Germany
    Introduction to the Post- Symposium Excursion: Bohemicum - a crustal segment within the Mid-European Variscan belt
    Introduction to the Pre- Symposium Excursion (part I): The Peri-Gondwanan Basement of the Saxothuringian Composite Terrane
    The Jílové Belt: A Late Proterozoic Volcanic Rift in Central Bohemia
    Post-Symposium Excursion, day 1, stop 1: Krašovice
    Post-Symposium Excursion, day 1, stop 2: Medalův mlýn
    Post-Symposium Excursion, day 1, stop 3: Hejdův dvůr near Rejkovice
    Post-Symposium Excursion, day 1, stop 4: Točník
    Post-Symposium Excursion, day 2, stop 1: Blovice, Vlčice (Úslava river valley)
    Post-Symposium Excursion, day 2, stop 2: Starý Plzenec-Černá stráň
    Post-Symposium Excursion, day 2, stop 4: Levín - Prague-Plzeň road-cut
    Pre- Symposium Excursion, day 1, stop 4: Cadomian unconformity - Monumentenberg/Hohe Dubrau near Gross-Radisch
    Sedimentary and volcanic events in the Teplá-Barrandian crustal segment (Bohemia) as a response to dated intracrustal processes