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    Precambrian uranium deposits as a possible source of uranium for the European Variscan deposits
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    I.G. Minejeva, A.S. Kločkov
    Kločkov, A. S.
    Minejeva, I. G.
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    Uranium deposits : from their genesis to their environmental aspects : proceedings of the International Workshop organized by the Czech Group of the IAGOD, September 10-11, 2002
    s. 91-94
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    Český masiv
    geneze ložiska
    indikátor geochemický
    proterozoikum spodní
    rudy U
    vrásnění variské
    zdroje zrudnění
    zóna riftová
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    Česká republika
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   Precambrian uranium deposits have been studied on the territory of baltic and Ukrainian Shields. The primary Early Proterozoic complex Au-U deposits originated in granite-greenstone belts as a result of their evolution during continental earth crust formation by prolonged rift genesis. The greenstone belts are clues for revealing ancient protoriftogenic structures. The general regularities of uranium deposition on Precambrian shields are also traceable in Variscan uranium deposits from the Bohemian massif. The Variscan period of uranium ore formation is connected with a polychronous rejuvenation of ancient riftogenous systems and relatively younger processes of oil and gas formation leading to the repeated mobilization of U from destroyed Proterozoic and Riphean uranium deposits
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    4. 12. 2006
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