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    Projevy předsvrchnokřídového krasovění (karbon-cenoman) v Barrandienu (Česká republika)
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    Pavel Bosák
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    Pre-Upper Cretaceous Karstification (Carboniferous-Cenomanian) in the Barrandian (Czech Republic)
    Bosák, Pavel, 1951-
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    Český kras
    Roč. 24
    s. 56-59
    31 bibl.
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    Zkr. název ser.: Čes. Kras
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    Český kras
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   The evidence of pre-Cenomanian karstification is very scarce. During carboniferous, the area was covered at least by 1.5 km thick molasse coal-bearing sequences. They were eroded during Triassic-Jurassic time, before the marine ingression in Kelloway time. Young-Cimmerian movements of the Alpine orogeny brought new energy to the relief. After the marine regression in Kimmeridge time, there were originated deep karst forms. Their depth reached more than 120 m, indicat (1) deeply located piezometric level or (2) that such forms represent upwelling routes of deep karst circulation paths. Observations in the Velkolom Čertovy schody Quarry-East discovered upward blind chiimneys with the diameter of several metres filled by grey lutitic sediments of freshwater Cenomanian. They are interpreted as the first evidence of pre-Cenomanian endokarst comparable with blind shafts at the base of epikarst zone
    Česká geologická služba
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    13. 2. 2008
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