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    Prověření některých předpokládaných vztahů mezi slapy a magnetismem planet
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    Oldřich Novotný, Ludvík Urban
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    Check-up of some presumed relationships between Earth tides and of the planets. Contemporary problems in gravimetry
    Novotný, Oldřich, 1942-
    Urban, Ludvík
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    Problémy současné gravimetrie - Sborník referátů z celostátního semináře konaného ve dnech 3.-7.10 1988 v Liblicích
    s. 85-91
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    planeta Země
    pole magnetické
    vnitřní stavba planet
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   It has been shown, see (1, 2), that there may be a relation between the planetary magnetic moments and the tidal velocity in the planetary cores. However, the application of this relation in (3) for predicting the magnetic moments of Uranus was not succesful enough, but, on the other hand, the tidal hypothesis could not be excluded. Therefore, in this paper we have also re-examined other tidal relations. Instead of the tidal velocity itself, which does not explicitly take the planetary size into account, we especially considered the product of the tidal velocity and core radius (Fig. 1). The measured magnetic moment of Uranus agrees better with this newly proposed relation than with the relation used in (3). According to this new relation we should expect a strong magnetic field of Neptun (the magnetic moment of Neptun comparable to that of Saturn).
   Therefore, the measurement of the Neptun's magnetic field (by Voyager 2 in August 1989) will be very important for testing individual hypotheses
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