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    Raman spectroscopic study of the uranyl selenite mineral marthozite Cu[(UO2)3(SeO3)2O2].8H2O
    Čejka, Jiří
    Dickfos, Marilla J.
    Frost, Ray Leslie
    Keeffe, Eloise C.
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    článek v periodiku
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    Journal of Raman Spectroscopy
    Roč. 39, č. 10
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    Raman spectroscopy
    uranyl minerals
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   The mineral marthozite, a uranyl selenite, has been characterised by Raman spectroscopy at 298 K. The bands at 812 and 797 cm-1 were assigned to the symmetric stretching modes of the (UO2)2+ and (SeO3)2 units, respectively. These values gave the calculated U-O bond lengths in uranyl of 1.799 and/or 1.814 angstrom. Average U-O bond length in uranyl is 1.795 angstrom, inferred from the X-ray single crystal structure analysis of marthozite by Cooper and Hawthorne. The broad band at 869 cm-1 was assigned to the v(3) antisymmetric stretching mode of the (UO2)2+ (calculated U-O bond length 1.808 angstrom). The band at 739 cm-1 was attributed to the v(3) antisymmetric stretching vibration of the (SeO3)2- units. The v(4) and the v(2) vibrational modes of the (SeO3)2- units were observed at 424 and 473 cm-1.
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    8. 8. 2012