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    Recentní svahové procesy v Krymských horách (Ukrajina)
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    Jan Hradecký, Tomáš Pánek
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    The Recent Slope Processes in the Crimean Mts. (Ukraine)
    Hradecký, Jan
    Pánek, Tomáš, 1977-
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    Současný stav geomorfologických výzkumů
    s. 57-61
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    expedice geologická
    pohyb svahový
    řícení skalní
    sedimenty karbonátové
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   The paper deals with the results of field works in the area of the Crimean Mts. in the southern part of Crimea in 1999. The Crimean Mts. are divided into three asymetrical belts (Votýpka, 1982): The Main Ridge (locally called Yayla) - the culmination part which is built by Upper Jurassic complexes (limestones, sandstones and conglomerates with calcareous slopes, the heights are 550-750 m a.s.l., the belt is built by Cretaceous and Paleogene limestones and marlites; The Outer Cuesta Belt - this cuesta relief is typical for the western part of the Crimean Mts. to the north from the line of Sevastopol - Simferopol towns, the height do not exceed 350 m a.s.l., Neogene formations of limestones and marlites prevail (Muratov, 1960). In the studied area the following factors of slope processes were observed: seismic activity, lateral erosion of water streams, marine abrasion, negative anthropogenic impacts (e.g. deforestation, unsuitable localization of buildings and roads, etc.).
   We distinguish two main groups of recent slope processes: gravitational processes and erosional processes. The first group is typical for areas built by massive rocks (e.g. Demerdzhi Yayla or Chatyr-Dag). Large rockfalls caused by active fault zone Salgiro-oktyabrskiy Fault are typical for these mountain groups. Active modelling through bulging and landslides of various genesis was documented in these areas. Erosional slope processes are typical for areas which are built by formations of erosion non-resistant rocks (coastal Jurassic flysch complexes and localities of outcrops of Tavritcheskaya Svita Formation of the Upper Triassic - Lower Jurassic Period). The development of badlands is more common in these parts
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