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    Recovery from Acidification in the Forested Covered Catchment Experiment at Gardsjön : Effects on Biogeochemical Output Fluxes and Concentrations
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    Hans Hultberg, Filip Moldan, B. Ingvar Andersson, Richard Skeffington
    Andersson, B. Ingvar
    Hultberg, Hans
    Moldan, Filip
    Skeffington, Richard
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    Experimental reversal of Acid Rain Effects: The Gardsjön Roof Project
    s. 157-184
    11 obr., 3 tab., 2 s.bibl.
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   The Covered Catchment experiment at Gardsjön was performed to study recovery of acid forested ecosystems due to ongoing and future reductions of sulphur and nitrogen emissions in Europe. Anthropogenic sulphur and nitrogen deposition to the forest has been experimentally reduced by more than 95since April 1991. At the same time, ambient S deposition to the control catchment has reduced by almost 50due to emission reductions. This chapter documents the effects of these reductions on output fluxes and concentrations from both experimental and control catchments. Compared with the control catchment, the accumulated output fluxes of non-marine sulphur and nitrate decreased by about 45 and 60
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    25. 3. 2008
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