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    Relations and Tectonic Setting of Emsian-Eifelian (Devonian) Basins : Implication for Early Variscan Configuration of the Bohemian Massif. 2
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    Jindřich Hladil, Petr Čejchan
    Čejchan, Petr
    Hladil, Jindřich, 1953-
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    Theophrastus' Contributions to Advanced Studies in Geology
    s. 149-179
    14 obr., 6 tab., 6 s.bibl.
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    analýza faktorová
    Český masiv
    pánev sedimentační
    rychlost sedimentace
    tektonika desková
    vrásnění variské
    zóna subdukční
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    Česká republika
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   Relations among the Emsian-Eifelian basins were studied quantitatively, primarily by factor analysis of basin fills. The main focus was the Bohemian Massif but surroundings regions were also considered. Emsian-Eifelian basins between Gondwana and Laurussia were arranged in vast triangle consisting of patchy oceanic and thinned continental crust. Although the Rheic Ocean was gradually reduced, a sequel to this ocean appeared along the former Morocco-Kaczawa shear-fault. Mediterranean basins were separed from eastermost Laurussia areas also by another prominent ocean tract. Evidence for Prototethys channel in the south increased. Minor development of island arcs or accretionary prisms was typical for the entire Emsian-Eifelian interval. The basic Emsian-Eifelian scenarion accords with a broad right-handed shear-zone with rotated domains. Tectonic wedging and sporadic underthrusting decreased former dimensions.
   Incipient opening of a long line of basins occurred posterior to the Rheic subduction beneath the Laurussian margin. Mutual relations and evolution of the basins are documented sequentially time-slice by time-slice
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    18. 2. 2008
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