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    Rock bursts in the Czech part of the upper Silesian Coal Basin - Features, theoretical models and conclusions for practice
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    Josef Holečko, Jiří Ptáček, Georges Takla, Petr Konečný jr.
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    Les coups de terrain dans la partie tchéque du bassin houiller de Haute Silésie - Traits caractéristiques, modeles théoriques et conclusions practiques
    Gebirgsschläge im tschechischen Teil des oberschlessischen Beckens - Grundlagen, theoretische Modelle und praktische Schlussfolgerungen
    Holečko, Josef
    Konečný, Petr, jr.
    Ptáček, Jiří
    Takla, Georges
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    9th Congress International de Mécanique des Roches, Comptes Rendus, Tome 3
    s. 1101-1104
    6 obr., 10 bibl.
    Francouzské, německé resumé
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    hornoslezská pánev
    mechanika hornin
    měření geotechnické
    model matematický
    odprysk horniny
    uhelná sloj
    uhlí bituminózní
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   Rock bursts represent traditionally a mining problem in the Czech part of Upper Silesian Coal basin (OKR). Two types of rock bursts are characteristic for OKR: the rock bursts caused by redistribution of stresses with the focus position in the close vicinity of the excavation in question and the rock bursts caused by redistribution of stresses in rock massif with the focus area far from the excavated seam, usually in a long distance in the overburden. Both types of rock bursts are continuously analysed. Some examples of typical cases and the factors, which influence their induction are described in this paper
    Česká geologická služba
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    25. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012