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    Sedimentological and palaeocological records of the evolution of the south-western part of the Carpathian Foredeep (Czech Republic) during the Early Badenian
    Nehyba, Slavomír
    Petrová-Tomanová, Pavla
    Zagoršek, Kamil
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    článek v periodiku
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    Geological Quarterly
    Roč. 52, č. 1
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    Carpathian Foredeep- Early Badenian- sedimentology- palaeoecology- depositional environment- foraminifers- bryozoans
Abstract (in english)
   The depositional environment of southern part of the Carpathian Foredeep in the Czech Republic was studied in two boreholes using sedimentological and palaeontological methods. Eight lithofacies were recognised within the studied cores of Early Badenian deposits forming two facies associations i.e. deposits of coarse grained Gilbert delta and offshore deposits. Assemblages of foraminifers document age of the Early Badenian (Middle Miocene). Two types of assemblages were recognised: 1. primary taphocoenoses showing original environment of sedimentation, i. e. environment of deeper sublittoral (circalittoral) with low to normal oxygen bottom conditions taking in deep water euryoxibiont foraminifers, numerous planktonic foraminifers, agglutinated ones and mixed assemblages of deep and shallow water foraminifers, 2. secondary taphocoenoses of shallower sublittoral (infralittoral) redeposited into the basin by gravity currents.
    MU Brno, Přírodovědecká fakulta
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    MU, PřF
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    8. 8. 2012