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    Sipho-cameral structures in some Silurian cephalopods from the Barrandian area (Bohemia)
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    Ivan Kolebaba
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    Sifokamerální struktury u některých silurských hlavonožců z Barrandienu
    Kolebaba, Ivan
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    Sborník Národního muzea v Praze. Řada B, Přírodní vědy
    Roč. 55
    s. 1-14
    7 obr., 5 fot., 6 pl., 28 bibl.
    České resumé
    Zkr. název ser.: Sbor. Nár. Muz. (Praha), Ř. B.
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    morfologie funkční
    popis taxonů
    pražská pánev
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    Praha - Butovice
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   New information on the cameral mantle contained in the gas chambers of orthoconic cephalopods from the Silurian (Ludlow, Gorstian) of Central Bohemia is presented. The pre-supposition about the direct connection of the cameral mantle and siphonal tissue has been proved. Special attachment structures which most probably ficed the tissue inside gas chambers have been found in Protobactrites styloideum (BARR., 1866) and Plagiostomoceras pleurotomum (BARR., 1866). This information also contributes to the understanding of the function of the dorsal and ventral furrows, Lamellar structures, till now know only in the Devonian Family Lamellorthoceratidae TEICHERT, 1961, have been found in Nucleoceras gen. n. The discussed taxa have been attributed to the atidae recently established order Pallioceratida MAREK, 1998
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    ČGS (UNM)
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    31. 3. 2008
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    8. 8. 2012