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    Stříbro na některých ložiscích zlata v Českém masívu
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    Marta Scharmová, Jaroslava Pertoldová
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    Silver on some deposits of gold in the Bohemian Massif
    Pertoldová, Jaroslava
    Scharmová, Marta
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    Stříbrné minerální asociace v Československu
    s. 141-147
    2 tab., 3 bibl.
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    rudy Au
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    Horažďovice (Klatovy, Horažďovice)
    Kašperské Hory (Klatovy)
    Mokrsko (Příbram)
    Vacíkov-Petráčkova hora
Abstract (in english)
   Mineral assemblages have been studied on several localities of gold in the Bohemian Massif (Kašperské Hory, Petráčkova hora Mt. near Vacíkov, Horažďovice, Mokrsko-East). Native gold is the main economic mineral in all these localities, but there are considerable differences in the Ag-contents in this mineral (Lowest contents of Ag in the gold from Kašperské Hory and Mokrsko-East, highest Ag in the electrum from Petráčkova hora Mt. and Horažďovice). Ternare alagams (Au+Ag+Hg) have been ascertained in Petráčkova hora Mt. nd Horažďovice. Stützite, hessete, empressite, Ag-pentlaindite and several unidentified Ag-sulphisalts ahve been in Petráčkova hora Mt. Besides these Ag-minerals many other minerals have been found. Typical for all the localities is the presence of telurides and sulphotellurides Bi. Maldonite, Au2Bi, occurs in all these localities too, while a remarkable sulphide AuBi5 S4 is characteristic for the Kašperské Hory ore district only. In Petráčkova hora Mt.
   the selenous analogue of joseite-B, i.e. laitakarite has been found
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    13. 12. 2007
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    8. 8. 2012