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    Thirteenth Conference on Clay Mineralogy and Petrology in Prague (Czech Republic), August 29 - September 2, 1994 (Variant.)
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    Changes in the Clay Fraction Mineral Composition in a Loess Profile of the Last Interglacial and Early Glacial in Praha-Sedlec
    Chlorites from the Polymetallic Deposit Oskava near Rýmařov (Czech Republic)
    Clay Minerals of the Fluvial Cave Sediments (Northern Part of the Moravian Karst)
    Clay Raw Materials and Clay Minerals in the Service of Man
    Distribution of Toxic Metals in Stream Sediments
    The Effect of Clay Mineralogy and pH Sorption and Desorption of Cadmium and Lead: The Overlying Clay Formation, North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin
    Experimental Reference Intensity Ratios ofVarious Kaolinite Forms
    Identification of Goethite in the Fine Fractions of Czech Bentonites by Mössbauer Spectroscopy
    Mineralogical Study of "Strigovite" from Pegmatites of the Žulová Granitic Massif (Czech Republic)
    Quantitative X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Minerals in Clays
    Using of Marl for Surface Recultivation of Overtopped Dumpsites in the North Bohemian Brown Coal Basin (Evaluation of Water Erosion Effects)
    Voltammetric Study of Clay Minerals Properties